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Hey guys whats up the name is courtney and im lovin life i have 10 million freinds but hanna ana and emily are my girls and i don't know what i would do with out them i have two awesome brothers and a great family. Im great to talk to cause me myseif likes to talk and i love to listen to ppl and there drama.Fun oh yeah im al about having a great time with my freinds and family.Intrest involve shopping dressing up all crazy and taking crazy myspace photos.oh yeah im addicted to myspace im on it almost 24/7 when im aloud to get on the computer and i love aim cause omg there is so much drama on the internet....drama im a huge drama queen if there is drama im in it and i love to help my freinds....i love to help ppl that are younger than me and ppl with needs cause it makes me feel great......Colbie Caillat i love her music its so inspiring and if that girl stopped writing songs i don't know what i would do......well thats about it..... I hope you like my profile...
Music: Colbie Caillet and thats about it her music is so inspiring and i love to listen to her voice (shes the next american idol......... but she is already famous and m probally her number one fan...
Movies: anything that can make me cry or pee in my pants i love Mayjor Payne its hysterical...and everytime i see it i wanna burst out laughing.I also like sad movies like the notebook i hope that i have a relationship like that .....and i aloso like the movie the lake house it is so sad and at first it is confusing but the rest is so cute....
WhatImInto: im into the guitar latly i have been wanting to learn how to play the bass guitar one of thesse days but we will see and im also into dancing i love to dance and i wanna take ballroom dancing and im not that good in math but i love math ...
MyBestFeatures: I have pretty blnde hair and i have long legs and pretty blue eyes.
MyDreams: I hope to one day marry a guy that treats me the way my dad treats my mom and i hope one day to be a succesful make=up artist and own my own studio but that might not happen but oh well.

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