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Hey all my name is Jennifer im 24 years old. i have a 3 month old son who i love very much. i am in a great relationship with my boyfriend, he is the best and i couldnt have asked for anything more. he is my heart and my world and i love him to death. i also have a 4 year old step son. pictures soon to come of my son and step son.
Music: i love to listen to my spanish music, i do also listen to hip hop,and some rap...... my favorite artists are Don Omar, Aventura, Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Eve, and of course there are plenty more
TV: i love law and order pretty much any of them, extreme makeover home edition, amazing wedding cakes, a baby story, bringing home baby, and jon and kate plus 8.
Movies: i like all types of movies.
WhatImInto: i love to collect gadgets wheather they be girly or for my son.
MyBestFeatures: I think that my eyes are my best feature, but if you know me feel free to tell me any other ones
MyDreams: i wish to one day go back to school and have a wonderful job as a techer.

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